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Synergy Breakthroughs

Removing obstacles, repetitive patterns, and self-sabotage - personally, professionally, and in business - and discovering the internal and external resources you need to achieve the synergistic breakthroughs you desire!
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Business Breakthroughs

It is all too easy to confuse data with knowledge. --Peter Drucker

People, Products, Planet, and Profit

Creatively examining the need for change; alternative strategies; and how the chosen solution can be implemented consciously, in the highest good of all concerned.

Personal Breakthroughs

Coaching to achieve what makes it all worthwhile!

Passion, Purpose, and Play

Delving into your passion and purpose; creating and implementing your plan; managing the unexpected; and celebrating your achievements!


How does it all connect to create something much bigger?


You don’t know what you don’t know.
Unearthing unknown obstacles, gifts, and power, and discovering resources – the people, places, and things that create powerful, synergistic change!

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  • Over 25 years of experience in a variety of industries and environments; experience with a variety of systems and software
  • M.Ed., Education; M.O.B., Organizational Behavior. Background in organization development; workshop and conference planning; customized instructional design and training

  • B.S.A.C., Business Systems Analysis. Cross-industry experience with system requirement specifications and SRS document development; process analysis/documentation/improvement; technical writing
  • Knowledge base and experience include mediation, web design, and social media marketing
  • Life, Success, Business, Career, and Executive Coaching
  • Book publishing experience. Author, Intervene: An Emergency Guide to Heavy Drinking, Alcoholism, and Drug Addiction
  • Triple-certified in hypnotherapy; certificates in NLP and Nutritional Consulting; self-study of many alternative healing methods

Address:  1575 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, #530372, Henderson, NV 89012

Phone:    303-257-0687

Website:  www.SynergyBreakthroughs.com

Email:     SynergyBreakthroughs@gmail.com


[Sandy] was a productive team member and made a significant contribution to the successful conclusion of the project.
Project Mgr., Telecom Corporation
Sandy Jones provided an incredible connection with what was important for me to achieve in my life.
Greg Parrilli, Permaculture Designer
I had several incredible sessions with Sandy Jones that helped me get through some major issues. They were totally relaxing and gave me new inspiration and insight!!
Pamela Angelique, Sound Healer