In the field of technology, there is something called “black box testing.” It’s the kind of testing where users go to the computer and press certain keys and click certain buttons to see if the computer will accomplish a particular task. It’s called “black box testing” because the users don’t understand the inner workings of the computer – the software code, the hardware, etc., that to them, are a “black box.” But they don’t need to know. They just need to know if the computer will accomplish their task when they push the right keys and buttons.

Hundreds of years ago, we may have been in awe to see something as powerful as this; we may have even claimed that it was a trick and denied that it really happened. But these days, it’s common knowledge.

Similarly, hypnotherapy works with the “black box” of our Subconscious. It is the most powerful part of ourselves. And similarly to using a computer or driving in a car without knowing the details of how they work, we can benefit from the power of our Subconscious without fully understanding how it works. The only difference is that the power of the Subconscious is unlimited.

Having trained under world-famous author, researcher, and hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon, my objective as a hypnotherapist is to work with the Subconscious to remove what is standing in the way of your progress and connect you with the truth about yourself.

There are many controlling aspects in our lives that we are not even aware of. In the book, The Healing Codes, authors Alex Loyd and Ben Johnson cite research indicating that the cell memories of the organism are predictive of the health of the organism, because these memories are like little post-it notes that tell the cells what to do. Ben Johnson, an M.D. cancer specialist, believes that these memories are even passed down through our ancestry, through our DNA – and even scientific research (see studies by Michael Meaney and Moshe Szyf) is beginning to provide some support for this.

To those who are sceptical, I always say that whether you regard this as a past life effect, a construct of the mind, cellular memories, or other, the effects are undeniable and very real. Dolores Cannon spoke of many remarkable healings that occurred after her sessions. And she once stated that some of her students made a living as practitioners by having sessions just to remove port wine stains! A port wine stain is a red birthmark, such as the one that Mikhail Gorbachev had. There may be dermatological treatments for removing a port wine stain, but have you ever heard of one just going away after a hypnotherapy session? This is a demonstration of how powerful we are!

When Dolores Cannon was alive, people came from all over the world to have a QHHT session, and she had a two-year waiting list. But she always said that she was not a healer; she was only the facilitator. She always pointed to the person’s Higher Self, or Subconscious, as the real change agent.

The process works in the following way: Using Dolores Cannon’s method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, the practitioner and client journey to a point in time that is impacting the client’s current life in some way. After the experience and its meaning are explored and processed, the client’s Subconscious is accessed for the purpose of answering questions and addressing issues that he has brought to the session and regards the most pressing and important. This is not the subconscious that is referred to in Psychotherapy. By Dolores Cannon’s definition, the Subconscious is the “Source of All Knowledge, Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, or Oversoul.”

“By Dolores Cannon’s definition, the Subconscious is the “Source of All Knowledge,
Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, or Oversoul.”

You do not need to bring anything to a session except the ability to visualize pictures or images, a desire to solve the problems in your life, and a list of your most pressing questions and issues. (If your strongest sense is not visual, you can perceive in another ways that may be easier for you, such as with a hearing or “knowing” sense, or other sense.)

It’s important to keep an open mind. Every client is unique; therefore, every session is unique to the individual client and to what they are ready to experience and understand at that point in time.

Contrary to the preconceived notions of many people, hypnosis is a safe process in which you are always under control. If you experience discomfort while you are under hypnosis, you have the will and control to come out of it. However, in QHHT sessions, moving through a difficult experience while under hypnosis is often the best way to release any mental or physical residuals associated with the experience – residuals that may be affecting your current life. QHHT hypnotherapists are trained to minimize any discomfort and facilitate the process of enabling you to remove blocks, gain awareness and understanding, and perhaps also experience profound change from the experience.

The beauty of this work is that the answers come from You (with a capital “Y”). Your Subconscious is actually guiding the session, and I am only the facilitator. My hope is that by using this work to introduce others to their Higher Selves, they will become more connected with their Higher Selves and will eventually integrate into their Higher Selves, as their Higher Selves. We are far more powerful than we realize.

Sessions typically last approximately 3-4 hours, although the time may vary. Sessions cannot be held over the phone; they must be held in person.

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